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So, apparently, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg commented the other day that the police weren’t sure yet who was responsible for the attempted bombing in his city.  Hey, “It could be somebody upset about the health care bill or something…” he said.

Yeah, that’s right, it could be those Tea Party crazies!

I just knew the career police officer and his family, including his heavily tatooed police officer son, were dangerous!  I mean, the way they laughed at my kids making funny faces and looked concerned when Crash and Empress ran over each other rolling down the hill- I mean, you could practically see the devil horns growing out of their heads!

Or the black preacher talking about what the U.S. was founded on and what the civil rights leaders fought for (and it wasn’t funding personal and corporate failure or getting loans from China).  Suicide bomber in the making, right there!

Or all the people who screamed at my black and Chinese kids, “Get out of here, this is whites only!”  Oh, wait that didn’t happen…

Or the silver-haired lady who sold me the Tea Party t-shirt.  You know, they were taking cash, I’m sure they were using it to procure bomb materials without leaving a credit card trail!

Or the guy in colonial garb with a period musket.  Seriously, I was lucky I didn’t get shot, to listen to the mainstream media.

Or, maybe not.

Wasn’t something similar said about the shooting at Fort Hood, before we found out that the doctor was Muslim, pushy about his faith, offensive to patients, a suicide bomber admirer, and involved in a mosque known to be radical?

I know what most of the media is afraid of.  I know why they won’t report on (or will at least play down) when leftist groups (like the immigration rallies, the usual protesters at the economic summits, pro-abortion marchers, etc.) actually do attack people, shout racial slurs, smash store windows, and throw things at police officers while insulting them.  I know why they won’t say anything about Muslims and decry anyone (like Franklin Graham) who does.

Knowing why doesn’t change the fact that most of the media’s behavior is still pathetic.

Our media has gone from the watchdog the Founders wanted and knew we needed to a fat, coddled lap dog that nips and snarls at all the wrong things (like the daughter-in-law coming to help move the household… man, I hate that chihuahua!) and couldn’t be bothered to actually notice if someone broke into the house… or illegally crossed the border by the millions.

But that’s ok, because Arizona doesn’t have a real problem, they’re just racists who hate Mexicans.  As am I, apparently, because I do not like illegal immigrants… or chihuahuas.


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